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Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of by the folk.
—Henry Jenkins (Director of media studies at MIT)

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Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 

This was a glorious answer. Like, for real.

this is what hell looks like

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Bottlecaps can help with skinpicking/dermatillomania!

Carry a few in your pocket at all times. When you feel the urge to pick, pull one out and start picking at the vinyl liner inside the cap. It has the same sort of tactile feeling to your fingers as skinpicking, and when you manage to remove the liner from the cap, you have the same feeling of satisfaction or weird accomplishment—but no holes in your skin, torn nails, picked scabs, etc.

You can buy a bazillion of them at a time from places like Etsy or eBay. Make sure they have the vinyl liners in them—craft supply places tend to sell them without.

I’ve suffered from compulsive skinpicking/dermatillomania literally since I was born. It’s a constant battle. I’ve followed all sorts of advice, from “draw patterns on your skin with your fingertips instead!” to the ever-unhelpful “mind over matter!” but the bottlecaps have been the only thing to reallyhelp me a lot.

holy shit why did I never think of this? I always heard and was told “wear a hairbow on your wrist” but it never helped really. This is..thank you.


A Lesser Sooty Owl, Tyto multipunctata (Tytonidae). This species lives in the wet tropics region of Australia.

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hey you guys! my gf and i are struggling to make ends meet this month — if you feel so inclined and are capable, we’d be super grateful if you could toss a few bucks our way. my paypal is darkharmony @ gmail . com! thank you. <3



I’m not bothering to translate this so I made up my own story.

but that’s canon chie anyway

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Im all for girls drawing and writing self indulgent bullshit, especially considering about 97% of the media around today is just men writing and drawing self indulgent bullshit

I’m gonna wait till I’m on my deathbed, get in the last word, and then die immediately.

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it is about time i actually made a cute dinosaur character gosh . i do not have a name for them yet and im still kinda workin out the colour scheme n markings but yes my dino


fun fact: if your trainer id (tid) and secret id (sid) from any previous generation game matches with your tid and sid in your pokemon x or y game, then you can nickname that pokemon in xy even if it did not originate from there

what this means is that legendary pokemon unobtainable in xy can legitimately have max 12 character nicknames as opposed to 10


Starry Night Glacier Point-27.jpg (by Stan Yoshinobu)

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A couple of Gray-chinned Minivet, Pericrocotus solaris (Passeriformes - Campephagidae), taken at DaSyueShan Trail, Taichung County, Taiwan.

This species is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Viet Nam [source].

The two birds shown are males, probably embroiled in a territorial or courtship mess. In any case they reveal their beautiful color pattern.

Photo credit: ©John&Fish

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