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I got a story idea while I was drifting off to sleep, as tends to frustratingly happen. You know, getting ideas while driving to work, in the shower, any other place where you can’t conveniently get a few notes down. This time I didn’t tell myself “oh I’m sure I’ll remember it in the morning”—I got out of bed and typed it out. 

Now, despite the fact that I ended up not getting terribly much sleep (mostly due to fighting off a sinus bug—what I wrote was half a page of stuff and didn’t take much time) I took a look at it this morning and it’s amazingly halfway decent. It’s also sappy as shit and involves two certain Persona-users clinging to each other, but that’s also canonical activity, plus it gives me life, so why the hell not. I might actually go somewhere with this.

Though I do still have that chikiko ficthing I’m working on, and I told myself I’d get another 1000 words by the end of today. Guess I have some writing to do after work.

I almost never do searches for anything on tumblr especially not fandom stuff and I think that’s done a lot for me to actually enjoy my experiences here but sometimes I start to wonder what I might be missing

I have to try to remember not to give in during those times because I’m almost certain to find something that upsets me

hahahahahaha welp I just finished the P4AU “Episode P4” and I am emotionally compromised

it was good

spoilers sorta

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Happy Halloween!



Can’t exactly guess from the context but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen your opinion on Adachi at all now that I think about it :v

well I’ll share the part that I am certain about: any ships of Adachi with any IT members skeeve me the fuck out big time like holy shit no keep it far away from me cannot handle at all goodbye

somewhat surviving p4au. I think I’m 23% into story mode (which, awesomely, has an auto battle option to turn on so that the CPU handles the fights and you can just watch the visual novel unfold).

also, dealing with whatever it is my feelings about adachi are. idk that might be a thing I put here later, or maybe not.

das gay

swear to god this is his follow-up to that little speech I am not lying I am also 5000% done with this fucking game [p4au spoilers]

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p4au spoilers and molly’s cause of death behind the cut

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p4au is happening right now (well it’s briefly on hold while I get the free-for-a-week Marie and Adachi dlc) and let me tell you I am not prepared for this

at all


well I haven’t managed to play it yet because the download always corrupts but hey I got persona 4 arena ultimax and I’m trying to get it to download and install

there was also dense fog last night ooooOOOoooooo….

I have to work in the morning and I should sleep but instead I’m watching the download progress on p4au so that I can proceed to destroy my soul.

who needs sleep anyway.

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